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    Re: WTF OBama

    Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
    Flux, obviously you applied yourself. My wife and I are still trying to get our daughter to appreciate this golden opportunity before her. She seems to be making a good effort, but until I see some results I will reserve my decision. I am not the kind of Dad who covers for screwups! I'm supportive but , I refuse to be an enabler of a lazy bum! Too many of these kids are used to being spoon fed and don't understand the concept of proving themselves or their worth. When I was lucky enough to get into the Line Gang working on utility poles I made a point of proving to the other guys I was not a bum, not the guy standing around with my hands in my pockets. Wheter it's culinary, plumbing or any other skill, trade or profession, attitude and hard work go a long way in my opinion. We have a generation of electronic coddled, texting zombies that need a wake up call! Frank
    You sound like my father...and that's the way I was raised. I'm 39 and thought we had it easy and were spoiled, but your daughter's generation is worse than mine. Eventually, the reality of "life" will smack your daughter in the face like it did for me, you, and everyone else. I drove my father nuts a little bit along the way as well, so don't think you're being singled out here


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      Re: WTF OBama

      Originally posted by Flux View Post
      There is excellent money to be made in the culinary and baking field. I was a cook in the Navy, and went from a guy who couldn't boil water, and too lazy to make myself a peanut butter & jelly sandwich as a kid, to a personal cook for an Admiral and a 2 steps away from the White House. I'm not sure if it's still the same, but back in 1992-93 the cooks in the White House were mostly Military cooks. Excellent cooks are in HIGH demand, and can make quite a name for themselves.
      Your Wife is one lucky Lady,Her friends must be jealous !
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: WTF OBama

        Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
        So today Obama announces some executive order to help folks pay back their student loans. Hmmmmm So I get's to thinking and ask some colleagues of mine that hold various degrees in such things as engineering, business and such if they had any problems paying back their student loans. They all said that they had absolutely no problems whatsoever so then I asked why? The overwhelming answer is that these guys went to college and got a degree in a field that they could make a decent living at while those complaining about their loan status generally got degrees in art history and political science. So here's our fearless chump in chief pandering to the same crowd of insipid idiots that are currently milling around our cities demanding that propane delivery in san diego corporate CEO's impale themselves on a stake or some other such nonsense.

        I have a daughter going to law school in D.C. and she plans to work in nonprofit for several years upon graduating in order to have her loans "foregiven". She will earn less money but at least the loans will be settled. My other daughter is attending a culinary college, and I hope and pray she can get a real job and earn a livng! Obama is really clueless and probably burnt out. He was and is way over his head. Still, although I'm no fan of the republican party, I'm concerned who they will select to beat him. Cain seemed to be on a roll then he has to shoot his mouth off about homosexuality being a choice! Bad move even if los angeles propane delivery he believes that. Then he starts in on abortion, another death roll subject. Perry's grand plan of a 20% "voluntary" flat tax is ridiculus! He is giving folks a choice to pay the lesser of that or what they currently pay, what the heck kind of way is that to generate tax revenue? OR is that not the whole idea? I'm confused again and have no confidence is any candidate. Romeny does look the part but can't seem to make up his mind or remember what he said.
        I won't say we are doomed, but I am thinking it. Frank

        P.S. Why is Obama helping people who are struggling with the economy instead of working to fix the economy to help the people??????
        It's honestly insane the kind of campaigning he does and how it affects thousands of people.
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