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Rebuilding a Tp-250

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  • Rebuilding a Tp-250

    I had an issue with the impeller... Had to remove the motor from the housing to get it off the shaft. Got the new one and ready to put it back together. The cavity for the motor was filled with an oil to provide cooling to the motor. What would the proper oil to replace when rebuilding? Mineral oil?


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    Re: Rebuilding a Tp-250

    welcome did not want you to feel like you were ignored, your not, I doubt if many know the answer to your question,
    I have no idea, did you catch and save the old oil? could reuse it if you did,

    (Added on edit)

    this is what I have found on the web, but have not idea if it is correct

    Electric Motors: submersible pump motor, abs company, percolation area
    Normally these pumps are filled with "turbine oil". ISO 68 or ISO 100. It is used in huge turbine bearing applications.
    which came from this discussion,
    sump / utility pump filled with what type oil? - Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

    here is a different place that has two different answers, one is the same as above,
    What kind of oil should you use in water sump pumps? | Answerbag
    this one says compressor oil or transformer oil,
    What type of oil should be put into a sump pump? | Answerbag
    now here is a use label off of a turbine oil page,
    Fleetline R&O Turbine Oil ISO 100
    Fleetline R&O Turbine/Hydraulic Oils are superior performance, rust and oxidation (R&O) inhibited lubricating oils, formulated from high-quality base oils and a proven additive system. These products can be used as turbine oils, non-antiwear hydraulic oils, compressor oils, and non-EP gear oils. These premium oils provide outstanding demulsibility to minimize emulsions when coming into contact with high water content, dirt and other contaminants. These quality multi-purpose oils provide:
    Superior rust and corrosion protection in the most severe operating conditions
    Excellent anti-foam protection
    Outstanding demulsibility characteristics
    Resistance to oxidative sludge and varnish
    so a compressor oil may be the same thing or a turbine oil may be used a s a compressor oil,

    I hope this helps,

    one more just to confuse
    What kind of oil is in a submersible basement sump pump
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      Re: Rebuilding a Tp-250

      Transformer oil would make sense as I know many transformers are oil cooled. I do have a lot of the old oil, however, it appears the seal was also leaking as there are some water bubbles floating in it. Thought it would be best to just change it out with fresh oil. I'm probably going to see if I can locate some non-toxic transformer oil. Thanks for the info!