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Get well rookie plumber

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  • Get well rookie plumber

    Steve had His left knee operated on. I counted 21 staples in the Pix.
    Let's send good words and thoughts. Thanks
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    Re: Get well rookie plumber

    hope it heals well, and fast,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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    attributed to Samuel Johnson
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      Re: Get well rookie plumber

      steve had no problem with his appetite this time. 1 day after surgery he was downing a coupe crispy cream donuts joey, phoebe and i brought over to him.

      he's in much better spirits and shape than when he had his other knee done last year.

      now if he would have only paid back his debts, he wouldn't needed 2 new knees

      hey steve, it snowed in the local mountains yesterday, wanna go skiing

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Get well rookie plumber

        get well steve
        what did he have done to his knee

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