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  • Hey Frankiarmz.............

    Not sure how much of this stuff is union made but all of it is Made In USA. - Weekly Ad
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

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    Re: Hey Frankiarmz.............

    Thanks for the link Dave, looks like there's still a wide array of things made here. I think some folks here mistakingly believe because I had a good Union experience that I want every worker to be represented by a Union. I believe in situations where the workers want a Union and the business involved would not be negatively impacted, that option should be explored. Our economy is in ruins with lost tax revenue hurting states and cities, causing them to not make good on contract promises. The survival of Unions in the USA is far from the top of my list of concerns. The system is grinding to a hault with so many businesses and jobs gone. Sorry to rant on, I find it all very disturbing. Just filled my daughters gas tank and it's fifty dollars that could have been spent in local stores. I bet those businesses advertised in the Menard's flyer are struggling to stay open. Not just labor costs but insurance, rent, utilities and so on. Can you imagine what a company that makes paint must go through to establish itself and conform to all the government regulations?

    Dave, I had some kind of viral infection a few weeks ago that caused vertigo and a hearing loss in one ear. I have seen several specialists and will see a couple more next week. We have great medical care, but I don't think we have the economy to support it. My point is that things are out of balance and can't go on like this. Frank