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  • Tweezer

    Let me state: "I have no monetary interest in this product or company"!

    This is one of those gotta have items and are not found easily.

    this is the "POCKETWEEZ"

    go to: Best Tweezers for Personal & Professional use for Hair Removal, Tick Removal, Splinter Removal

    Yeah it's a bit pricey for something as simple as a tweezer, but...
    It's made in USA
    you can keep it on your key ring
    it's quite clever

    And the thing works!

    It works really well. I was doing a project and had a tiny metal sliver.
    I tried the magnet trick and even my official sliver tweezer with magnifier and led light
    could not grip the tiny metal sliver.

    I remembered I had this thing and with the first attempt I pulled out the metal sliver!
    I think I mentioned this item a while ago but with Xmas and Chanukah coming around
    I plan to use these as a stocking stuffer.

    You cheap guys likely still use a needle nose pliers or let the sliver fester then yank it out
    I prefer to remove the sliver as soon as I realize I have one...low pain threshold etc.

    Cactus Man
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