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    My rant begins the week before Thanksgiving. I was thinking about getting a new truck, so I was mulling about online and came across and set up a Toyota Tundra as I would like it equipped. The web site advertises no hassle, easier and quicker than dealer sales, so I sent them an e-mail. A week later I get a reply that they found the truck, but it was a 2012 and had a few extra options, of course it was more than had quoted because of this. I responded and told them the price seemed a little high; all they did was take away the manufacturer rebate from the MSRP. They responded that there could be some lee-way, and asked about my trade. I sent them the info about my current truck and they responded, 4 days later, with a really low-ball quote, and asked for credit info. I responded to them what I thought was fair; I wasn’t even to the point of giving them my lo-ball offer at this point. They then told me I needed to go to a dealer and have them look at the trade and do the paperwork. That was the point of contacting them in the first place, to not have to deal with the slime ball dealers. Seems there is really no advantage using, it just drags out the inevitable contact with a slime ball car dealer. So, 3 weeks later I’m at the point of having to visit a dealer, I could have done that three weeks ago and saved myself a lot of time and hassle. I’ve lost my excitement for a new truck, and just wanted to rant about the uselessness of