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Question on Jobsite Radio Charging

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  • Question on Jobsite Radio Charging

    I was told by a Home Depot associate that the Jobsite Radio, R84082, charged the 18v Lithium Ion Battery pack while the unit was plugged into AC power supply, so I bought it as an Xmas gift. The owner's manual says that it does not charge the battery. Was the Home Depot associate misinformed?

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    Re: Question on Jobsite Radio Charging

    I'm not familiar with that product, but would presume that the manual is probably correct. I would suggest that you call the Ridgid Customer Service number, and ask for Technical Support and they should verify the answer.

    I am familiar with the fact that most Home Depot "orange aprons" do NOT know what they are talking about. But of course there are exceptions at every store.

    Happy New Year, and welcome to the forum,



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      Re: Question on Jobsite Radio Charging

      it will not charge the batteries like the top of line that is a real radio!

      Well i already tried to post my rant but it appears that my foul language prevented it from being posted.

      so i guess i will rewrite it

      August 2nd of this year i brought in a Ridgid Jobsite radio, a Ridgid 18v sawzall and a Ridgid 18v LIon battery to a local authorized service center (Allens electric in Riverview Florida) as per Ridgids suggestion. The Battery would show defective when trying to charge. The Sawzall would not keep the blade locked in when trying to use. The Radio would shut itself off for no reason, and was just overall not a very nice piece of equipment.

      Approximately a month later i called Allens and check on the status. Steve said that he was unable to get sawzall to act up and that the radio and battery were out for repair/replacement so i suggested to try operating the sawzall under actual use because it would not operate very long before letting the blade pop out.

      Approximately another month goes buy and i stopped by there shop. Spoke to Steve again and he said still couldn't find a problem with the sawzall so i took it back with me. Still no word on the radio or the battery yet. First time i went to use the sawzall and the blade popped out again.

      Another month goes by and i call again. Still no word from Ridgid according to the counter girl, so i called Ridgid myself and after being put on hold so long (2 times i might add) that the system shut off on me. Finally 3rd try i spoke to someone and they told me they would figure out what the problem was and get back to me.

      Meanwhile my second battery died and now i have $550 of tools that are completely worthless to me. So i went out and bought the drill kit with the 2 slim line batteries and the smaller drill to get me by. Little did i know that the little batteries wont run my sawzall or hammer drill for more than 30 seconds without overamping and shutting down

      1 week went by and still no word from Ridgid, so i called again. Once again takes 2 calls to get through to someone and the tried to call Allens and were unable to reach Steve but they promise me to get to the bottom of it and call by the end of the day...No call...imagine that! the next day i called back Allens and the counter girl told me that Ridgid was going to dropship my battery and radio directly to me. I called Ridgid back and verified that was the case. Ridgid told me it would be 5-10 working days before i get the stuff from them.

      After approximately 2 weeks my radio showed up. It was the newer style radio which i am happy with, but no battery.

      I allowed another 2 weeks to go by and still no battery, so i called Ridgid back and they proceed to tell me that Allens was supposed to be shipping me the battery and they showed a shipment date on dec 3rd. I explained to the lady at Ridgid that i never received the radio and that Allens is lying. I hung up with Rdigid and proceeded to call Allens and got rather irate with the girl. She put me on hold and comes back after a minute or so and proceeds to tell me that she would have one sent out that day.

      A week goes by and no battery so i called Ridgid AGAIN! They put me on hold, called Alens and they came back on and told me that Allens said they would send a battery out that day and i would have it by that Thursday(Dec 22nd) and if i didn't have it Thursday to call them back.

      Well here it is almost 6 months after bringing my tools in to an authorized repair facility this is what i have

      1 nice $150 radio that i can only used corded because i dont have a battery that will work

      1 broken sawzall that wont hold a blade in

      1 dead battery

      2 slimline batteries that can pretty much only be used for my flashlight

      1 complete kit that is completely useless because i don't have batteries

      and 1 extra drill that i purchased that is barely usable with the slimline batteries
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        Re: Question on Jobsite Radio Charging

        It does not charge batteries.
        I am shopping to replace my Dewalt. An interesting evaluation of Job Site Radios is in the 2012 Tool Guide magazine by Taunton Press. Readers rated the Ridgid dead last, while the editors picked it as a top choice.


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          Re: Question on Jobsite Radio Charging

          the newer radio is 100x better than the old one but still not as good as the DeWalt