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R4010 Wet Saw

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  • R4010 Wet Saw

    We're trying to assemble the R4010 wet saw.
    The directions are really bad. I've put together complicate furniture with only pictures as the
    instructions and they were easy.
    The biggest problem is that the pictures supplied in the instructions are so small that they are virtually worthless and what should be an hour task at the most has turned into several hours.
    If I were in charge of this company, I would at least make a version of the assembly instructions available on line so they could be viewed in a larger format.
    I'm currenly on the "tube" connections and it makes no sense to me.
    Is there any resource out there that anyone can point me to for help?
    Thanks for listening to me vent.

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    Re: R4010 Wet Saw

    The assembly instructions are very poor. Took me forever to put it together. Look at the picture on the box to help you out. This saw is not a good saw. Return it if you can. Check out other threads on this saw.