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6800 watt generator

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  • 6800 watt generator

    I have the 6800 ridgid generator. Is it possible to install an electric start on it???

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    Re: 6800 watt generator

    Not unless you're a machinist. Or a masochist. Or both. The engine crankcase isn't machined to accept a starter motor and the flywheel doesn't have a ring gear.
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      Re: 6800 watt generator

      at one time they sold a starter/generator for small motors that would run off a pulley, I have on on a old Kohler engine
      (one would have to attach a pulley to the fly wheel), one source my guess is there not cheap Starter-Generators, Small Engine,

      At one time Briggs sold a unit called "spin start" that used a cone that attached to the fly wheel nut, or replaced it and then the drill was chucked with a rubber cone that matched but one would press the drill into the revers cone and start the motor with a drill, (I do not know if a 18 volt cordless would do it or not), I do not think it is being sold any more,

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