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  • SewerRatz

    Ron had surgery today.Echo stress test showed a partially blocked artery.
    I hope it went well for him.
    I don't wat to bug him today or even tomorrow.
    He helped a great many people on this forum.Including me.
    Heal fast friend.

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    Re: SewerRatz

    Ron is an extremely nice guy, and a very knowledgeable tradesman....I hope he's doing ok and wish him a speedy recovery.


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      Re: SewerRatz

      I Hope all the repairs go great , Ron


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        Re: SewerRatz

        joey filled me in the other day too.

        how ironic that a guy that snakes out drains for a living, needed his own drain / artery snaked out too.

        lets just hope that the dr. is a member of a similar forum as we are and is a real pro like ron.

        get better soon ron and lets see the video before and after.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: SewerRatz

          The lead pipe leak job went well last week
          thanks for the good advice ... ron


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            Re: SewerRatz

            I also hope Ron is doing well!
            Seattle Drain Service


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              Re: SewerRatz

              He is going home his heart is ok but he still has chest pains

              My seek the peek fundraiser page


              new work pictures 12/09


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                Re: SewerRatz

                Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers.

                They did the Angiogram and said my arteries are clear. The Stress test was a false positive. The Cardio doc said my heart is good and strong. Also there is no blood clots in my lungs (like what happened to me in 2006). So they sent me home stating I am stable and no longer need to be in the hospital.

                Thing is they still do not know why I keep getting these shooting pains in my chest on the left side that shot from where the heart is to my left shoulder. It is pretty much random when the pain comes on. This all started Friday morning as I was driving to a job. So no pulled muscle, and its not acid reflux since they did check for that. This pain got so bad while I was in the hospital they had to give me Morphine to get it to subside.

                There are other health issues they worked on while I was there, and with this new year I am going to be making some drastic life changes. This chest pain has woke me up to the destructive way I been treating myself. My blood sugar when I went onto the ER was 432, the A1C is at 12.2 normal is 6 to 7. Also my blood pressure is an issue as well.

                A couple years ago I had this stuff under control till I lost my health insurance. The company we where using jacked up the rates from $1200 a month for group plan to $5200 a month. State aid stopped covering my daughter and myself soon as she turned 19 (two years ago). So I was not able to afford the testing needed to get the prescriptions to the meds needed to manage my health. I do not live in Cook County where they offer free clinics and such to Cook County residents. But I was informed by the hospital I was in that Du Page County has a program that people like me can get into. Its basically a HMO style group plan where you use docs in their networks, and get scripts from them, all I have to pay is copays of around 15 to 35 bucks. It does not cover major procedures or hospital stay, but there are hospitals that have Charity Care.

                Well thanks again everyone, and Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.
                Ron Hasil Lic #058-160417
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                  Re: SewerRatz

                  Just heard about this on the other forum and headed over here to see what was going on.

                  Ron, your advise has helped me out a great deal in the past 1+ (thank you) and I've been waiting to return the favor any way I can so now I finally have some advise for you.

                  Please take better care of yourself you only get one shot at this thing called life.

                  Live long & further prosper my friend


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                    Re: SewerRatz

                    Originally posted by SewerRatz View Post
                    Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers.

                    So I was not able to afford the testing needed to get the prescriptions to the meds needed to manage my health.
                    Simple solution, move to California and change your name to "El Alcantarillado la Rata", you will get all the free health care you need, plus all kinds of other benny's

                    Glad to hear your at home and feeling a little better.
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