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California Drivers or just visiting you should have this

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  • California Drivers or just visiting you should have this

    Was talking to a friend the other day who had a vehicle towed from private property. After listening to his story it was clearly an illegal tow.

    Back in 2006 the legislators passed some pretty strict laws on how tow truck, private and public property owners can handle towing vehicles. (One of the few things they actually have done that has the publics best interest at heart)

    Back when the law was passed the Calif. Tow Truck Association generated a pretty good, (Idiots Guide) to what you can and cannot do, for its members. It even includes the legal penalties to the driver and company if they get caught or pursued by the vehicle owner for an illegal tow.

    We make all our new hires read this and keep a copy with them just in case.

    So my good deed for the week is to give you guys the link to the primer. Download it, (its a pdf) print it and give everyone you know a copy.