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  • JOBMAX™ Tool Carry-All - Tool Bag

    Sorry if this has been discussed in detail before, but I'm on a search to replace my most used and coveted tool bag. I bought a JOBMAX™ Tool Carry-All tool bag back in about '07 or '08 in Charlotte, NC @ The HOME DESPOT. This bag, (and all it's contents) was stolen earlier last year, and although I have been able to re-tool slowly and surely, but I can't seem to find a place to replace that bag.

    Has this bag been discontinued by RIDGID? I can't seem to find any listings for it on-line, except for the occasional knot-head on eBay who wants about $100.00 for a used one(I think I paid about $70.00 for mine new). RIDGID still has it listed on their website, @ Tool Bag - RIDGID Professional Tools, but when I go thru all the distributors websites listed on RIDGID's site, only one site has something that comes even close;General Purpose Tools.

    I have been in the electrical trade now for approx. 30 yrs., and after using everything from 5 gal. buckets to Klein bags to countless other nameless bags, this was the bag I utilized most often on a daily basis. Does anyone have any insight into the lack of availability of this bag? Is it discontinued, and for what reason? And does anyone know of a comparable replacement bag?

    Thank You all in advance.

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    Re: JOBMAX™ Tool Carry-All - Tool Bag

    Check E-bay..I think I saw one or two listed last week

    Cactus Man


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      Re: JOBMAX™ Tool Carry-All - Tool Bag

      Sharp looking bag!
      Better bring your wallet!! $80!
      Ridgid Tool Bag - JOBMAX Tool Carry-All RD-22394 Used in Good Condition | eBay

      Its not sold once already. You could wait and lower the price, or send him a message telling him how much you are willing to pay.

      more results to come
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