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    Re: Surgery

    Originally posted by Alphacowboy View Post
    Flux... Damn dude, you hit my issues right on the nose... Pun intended! I never had allergy issues until 4-5 years ago, well 7 years ago I got hit in the face by a 3"x3" piece of 1/4" walled steel tubing, 3 years ago I hit myself in the nose with a 1/2" socket wrench and 2 years ago a piece of 3/4" plywood to the nose. Not to mention last fall taking a face first plunge to the tile floor off the porcelain throne after a bought of the flu and dehydration caught me off guard and passed out from low blood pressure. I'm going to guess that my nose is f-d up! LOL. I can handle most pain, but mouth and nose pain put me over the edge!
    They tested me for allergies even though I've never had them, cause they said you "can" develop allergies as you grow older. There is a little piece of bone in your nose by your septum, and if you kept getting "whacked" over the years in the nose, it's possible you have the same thing I did.

    The day I went for my first visit with this doctor, he stuck a spray up my nose, and flushed out my right nostril. For 30 minutes after that visit, I felt everything just drain down the back of my throat, and I felt so much better. Since then and before my surgery, I was still getting clogged, but not like before, because he did use that spray on me. He left the surgery up to me if I wanted to do it or not.

    I was ready for the nose pain, but the teeth pain put me over the edge. I never in my life ever expected my teeth to just throb for 24 hours...made me want to pull my hair out. It felt like I needed to floss every single tooth in my mouth, as it felt like it was jammed with food for the last 39 years! My teeth feel much better today, but I can still feel something slight there.

    The main thing right now that's putting me over the edge is the congestion!


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      Re: Surgery

      I'll put up with deep cuts, bruises and a broken bone here or there, women can keep the giving birth side of life. Watched my wife give birth three times, no thank you!