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I amost mistakenly spent 1500$ onr 535 power vice threading machine problem plz help

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  • I amost mistakenly spent 1500$ onr 535 power vice threading machine problem plz help

    I am a going on 10 years as a Journeyman Plumber i have always been able to figure out Problems as they have come up. I can rebuild Motors, change transmissions, rebuild Brake cylinders, plumb a Grocery store, etc.

    I recently ran into a problem where a 535 power vice Jaws were locking up for no apparent reason. I researched the cost of a new vice assembly, it runs over 1500$. There doesn't seem to be any instructions for this machine, only a pdf of the parts and how the parts go together. No troubleshooting guide, no exact instructions like You would find in any automotive manual, I need something more than some pictures. a little bit of instruction would be nice, considering we pay 5k for these machines

    I have a machine with bad jaws and one that was working properly side by side. I removed the bolts that held the jaws on, and by switching jaws from the machine that worked to the one that did not, I realized there was no problem with the jaws themselves.

    There are three metal plugs that join with a spring into 3 other plugs. when these plugs are able to be pushed flush with the face of the vice, before attaching the vice, there is no problem, the vice works. if things are a little out of line, the plugs do not sit flush, at least stick about an 1/8 of an inch out, the vice will attach, but it will not work properly.

    My question is this, is this a matter of alignment when installing the vice, and if you insure that the plugs will go all the way in, is the problem solved, or is there an internal matter, that may need new parts to ensure that I do not encounter Down Time?

    I am particularly concerned about the 2 different sets of 3 plugs and 3 springs, plus the inside face that they set against inside, to engage drive.

    I was able to re-install the power vice assembly onto the face of the drive plate, with the Three spring bolts able to be flush with the face. Upon doing this the vice worked Fine, with no binding.

    The thing is, this has caused Me Down Time, with nothing Wrong with the vice assembly, are the springs and drive rods needing to be replaced to ensure no Down Time????

    Or by ensuring that when attaching the vice to the drive plate, the three rods will fit flush to the plate, opposite to not , like 1/8 inch above it, which does not work, will it work?