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    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum, so excuse me if this was discussed in detail before.
    I recently had a truck stolen with most of my hand tools(over 30yrs. in the electrical field), and although i'm getting along fairly replacing most of my lively hood, there has been one item I am having a very difficult time replacing. That was my "JOBMAX™ Tool Carry-All" tool bag. I purchased this item back in '07 or '08 in Charlotte, NC at the local HOME DESPOT for about $70. I have been to the local one here in Northern Arizona, but all they seem to sell now are "HUSKY" brand bags, and nothing else.
    I've searched all over on-line, and even found a listing for it one RIDGID's website: Tool Bag - RIDGID Professional Tools, but even checking their listed distributors, and on-line vendors, I can't seem to find any reference to this bag. The closest thing I could find was this:General Purpose Tools.
    Does anyone know what has happened? After 3+ decades in the industial field of this trade, and using everything imaginable from old "KLEIN" bags to 5 gal. buckets to rolling tool travel boxes to tote my hand tooling around the world, I thought I finally found the perfect bag to carry a nice assortment of things to get the job done without offload a set of "roll-aways" on each site.
    I have seen a couple of "Knot-heads" selling used ones on ebay for $100 or more, and I'm not real keen on being force fed a line of tool totes BY H.D.(do I smell some kind of kick-back for an executive for exclusively selling one line of bags?), but I have not found anything even close to that "'OL JOBMAX".
    Any insight or input on a replacement would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your time.

    Matthew R.

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    Re: JOBMAX™ Tool Carry-All

    Didn't I answer your exact same post 2 weeks ago? There is one on eBay for $80..

    (edit, did a search, found it)
    I searched my tail feathers off 2 weeks ago, all I could find was one bag that had 10 different websites pointing to it on eBay.

    After re reading both posts, I now realize I really did not answer your question.

    Here is a brief description of how I understand the process.
    1. TTi(Ridgid manufactuer) approaches home depot with an idea.
    2. Home depot puts in their two cents and decides whether or not to carry it
    3. It hits the shelves, if it sells well it stays. If it dies not sell well but it's gods gift to man, home depot drops a perfectly good product and we are SOL for replacing good tools.

    Ya, home depot sucks for that.
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      Re: JOBMAX™ Tool Carry-All

      Sorry about that Master. I did post this 2 weeks ago, but when I tried to find it, it didn't come up. I thought there was an error when I originally posted, and I didn't receive any emails that the thread was started, and received any replies.
      As for my search, there is another company selling some very nice tool bags on-line: VETO PRO PAC, and they look very nice, but I think they are cost prohibitive; $ 150 or so for a tool tote. I'll continue my search and check back frequently to see if any other forum members have any insight. Thanks again.