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3,000 pressure washer

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  • 3,000 pressure washer

    Hi all. I am new to this forum so I hope I am posting in the right place? I have a Ridgid 3000 psi pressure washer model RD80746 and it developed a problem today. When I start it, it builds pressure immediately, but for just a second. It then shuts down. I have tried restarting without the wand or pressure hose attached with the same results. 1 little burst of pressure and then shut-down. Does anyone have any suggestions. the unit is a little over 3 years old with very little use. Maybe lack of use it the problem??
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    Re: 3,000 pressure washer

    Probably deteriorated o-rings in either the unloader or the outlet check valve (and I'm betting on the check valve).
    Have a look at these two threads where I detail pump repair for the RD80746...
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