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phoebe's first toilet

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  • phoebe's first toilet

    phoebe is now 18 months old and getting ready to be potty trained.

    so i ordered an american standard "baby devoro" toilet. it's 10'' to the rim height.

    it was a family affair at the supply house when we came to pick it up.

    haven't installed it yet. but with any luck, i might be saving $$$ in diapers real soon


    10'' high, 10'' ruff toilet.

    phoebe checking out the new seat.

    now if she's just as excited getting on the new toilet as she is on the push cart.

    thanks harry for cutting daddy a deal on the new toilet.
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    phoebe it is

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    Re: phoebe's first toilet

    Wow Rick, I just got a flashback! I know you're eager to have Phoebe free of diapers, they are an expense and work for the adults, and irritating for the little ones. Still, I wish I could go back in time just for a little while. I would gladly change diapers. Enjoy every precious minute. Frank


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      Re: phoebe's first toilet

      Your sure are a good Dad !!
      The excitement of the new toy should keep her interested