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  • Military Working Dogs

    “You can trust a man that doesn’t like dogs, maybe, but you cannot trust a man that dogs don’t like.”
    –Daniel Reeder, Age 9

    A nice little Sunday read I came accross. While I admit it isn't best written article, one can almost envision the author having difficulty staying in his chair while typing it. As for me, quite a few times, I had the opportunity to watch these handlers train their dogs. They prefered construction sites and material yards due to the sheer randomness of scattered material on site, and the numerous types of containers out in the yards. Little something you guys might enjoy, especially for those that own dogs already.

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    Re: Military Working Dogs

    That dog the SEAL's use was just bad a$$.

    When it comes to home security, shepherds are my 2nd favorite dogs though...I prefer Doberman's.