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    When it comes to the government handing out money, you might be surprised by the hard numbers.

    Though the non Hispanic white middle class is the greatest beneficiary, (see chart) it's definitely back loaded.

    Transfer payments:
    Transfer payments are a form of income to individuals for which no current good or service is expected in return. They differ from other payments to individuals for which either a service (including labor services) is performed in return for such payments or a good is exchanged. Government transfer payments can be made by any level of government (federal, state, or local) and can take the form of either cash or in-kind benefits. Cash benefits include Social Security; government employee, military, and railroad retirement pensions; unemployment insurance; veterans' benefits; workers' compensation; cash public assistance (including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families [TANF] and Supplemental Security Income [SSI]); and educational assistance. Also included are government payments to nonprofit institutions that do not involve work under research-and-development contracts. Major in-kind government transfer payments include food stamps, medical insurance (Medicaid and Medicare), and housing assistance.

    “A trend receiving too little coverage ... these days is the growing outlook gap between urbanized ... and rural ... In a 21st century economy, job creation is dominated by urbanized areas. What happens to rural areas if jobs fade away? One answer is that rural areas get older — and as they get older, they get more dependent on federal benefit programs for the elderly.”

    See interactive map below.
    The Geography of Government Benefits - Interactive Map -

    Attached are the hard numbers.
    And the distribution:

    It's interesting that blacks receive 14% of payments and make up 12% of the population.
    I guess they don't, as a group, live long enough to benefit from SS, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Non Hispanic whites make up 64% of the pop and get 69% of the payments.

    Which leaves Hispanics and other non whites with the short end of the stick (probably because so many don't qualify for these elder programs.
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