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  • LSA Dispute

    I am wondering if others have had their Lifetime service Agreements denied by Rigid? I sent in ALL the required items (which is unnecessarily difficult) and heard nothing for months. Finally checked today and discovered that my LSA registration had been denied. Luckily, I kept a copy of all the crap they required to be sent in and plan to report them to the BBB. Before I do this, I am wondering if this is their normal practice or possibly just my bad luck?

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    Re: LSA Dispute

    Have you called them? There has to be a reason why it was denied.


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      Re: LSA Dispute


      What do you mean, "my LSA registration was denied".... Did someone actually tell you that it was "denied", or was that posted somewhere? Or, are you telling us that after months of waiting, it simply has NOT been posted, perhaps overlooked and/or forgotten?

      There a big difference between "denied" and simply not registered for some other reason. In far too many cases, people have reported that after months it appeared that the record was lost, overlooked, or whatever.... it simply wasn't "registered" and on a call, Ridgid Customer Service can't find any record of it. While I can see that such oversight may well happen, the complaints of such things seems to be too many. Most of us, IMHO, have had no problem with the registration, but I certainly can see where it could happen and our suggestion is to call after three of four months and keep track of your paperwork.

      Ridgid Customer Support has been very helpful in my own experience and with close to twenty registrations, I have yet to have a single problem. I am of course concerned when someone states that they were "denied"... I really have never heard that one before.

      I did pay attention to your "unnecessarily difficult" comment. That does seem to be a shared opinion, but clipping the UPC, and sending it with a few lines of product and contact information along with a copy of your receipt doesn't strike me as being "unnecessarily difficult", providing the customer has reasonable faculties and a postal service... especially so, considering this small token of your time covers your tool for as long as you own it. That twenty minutes of so, is easily returned on your first battery replacement or other service requirement beyond the warranty period.

      Whatever! But I do wonder what you mean by "denied". I suggest you call Ridgid Customer Service, explain that you have copies of all of the paperwork and are willing to send a copy of that to them. They are usually quite helpful, as long as you stay "friendly and helpful", I am sure they will act accordingly.

      Best of luck and I hope this gets straightened out to your satisfaction; and, Welcome to the Ridgid forum



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        Re: LSA Dispute

        Originally posted by Honest John View Post
        ... plan to report them to the BBB.
        Um, you're not particularly familiar with the BBB are you?
        Google the phrase "the bbb is a scam".
        "HONK if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving Harley"