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  • Ridgid Powertool Warranty

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to solve a problem I have.
    I have Ridgid tools that have a lifetime warranty. My problem is that I've moved and got a new email address but have forgotten my password so I can't get into my account to change my email address so I'm assuming that they keep sending the password info to my old address.
    I've emailed HD but never recieve an answer back.
    If anyone knows what to do, I'd appreciate it.

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    Re: Ridgid Powertool Warranty

    HD will be no help as thier responsibility ends when the sale is completed. You need to contact ridgid customer service.


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      Re: Ridgid Powertool Warranty

      I heartedly agree with Alphacowboy!

      IT IS a Ridgid tool, why would you attempt to contact Home Depot?

      I suggest that you really should CALL Ridgid Customer Service, they are very nice folks... just explain to them your problem and they should be able to update your contact information record and provide you with a new password or at least a avenue for you to correct your password.

      Welcome to the Ridgid forum and good luck with getting this quickly straightened out,



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        Re: Ridgid Powertool Warranty

        Thanks. Will try on Monday. By the way, The reason I tried HD was when I bought the tools, they told me that Home Depot owns Ridgid (as well as Milwaukee). Not true?


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          Re: Ridgid Powertool Warranty

          Originally posted by allong View Post
          ... they told me that Home Depot owns Ridgid (as well as Milwaukee). Not true?
          Very not true.
          "HONK if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving Harley"


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            Re: Ridgid Powertool Warranty

            Originally posted by allong View Post
            .......... they told me that Home Depot owns Ridgid (as well as Milwaukee). Not true?
            Many HD Orange Aprons also believe that the moon is made of green cheese!
            Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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              Re: Ridgid Powertool Warranty


              Here in the U.S., the "Home Depot" associates (I refer to them as "orange aprons") are almost legendary in their tales of nothingness.

              Stories that I myself have heard:

              Home Depot owns "Ridgid".... further explanation being that is why "Ridgid" tools are also orange.

              For service on Ridgid tools, all you have to do is return them to the store and they'll take care of everything!

              Home Depot stocks parts for all Ridgid brand tools.

              Home Depot automatically gives a lifetime warranty on all tools it sells, regardless of brand name.... just bring it back and we'll replace if free!

              Now, these are just the stories that I have been told by my local "orange aprons". I get the impression that when you get a job there, your first mantra is to always provide an answer to any question that a customer may ask... if you don't know, then make one up, because the customer always expects and deserves a positive answer; even if it is wrong!

              I quickly learned to stop asking questions there. Worse perhaps is the restraint it takes to keep from jumping in between a customer and an "orange apron" when I hear them asking a question and getting a "wrong answer". If possible, I'll just try to catch the customer after the "apron" has left him.

              The other thing that absolutely puts me over the edge is when I know that a new model has been announced and several months later the old model is still on the shelves and selling for top price. I see this quite regularly at my two local Home Depots. In too many cases, neither of these stores will put the new model out until all of the old stock is gone. It just smacks of "fraud" to me.

              I find myself buying less and less from Home Depot. While I'm very happy with my Ridgid tools, it just pains me to have to go to Home Depot to buy them. I'm sick of the damaged goods, the poor quality lumber, and lack of knowledge and truth that far too many "orange aprons" seem to exude. Once in a while you will find people there that are very nice, honest, and knowledgeable... but that is generally rare!

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