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My New Hobby - Screwing With Telemarketer

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    Re: My New Hobby - Screwing With Telemarketer

    Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
    That would be pretty tough on business.

    Ha!, Ha!, sorry Mark, I'm in my own little world and don't consider that self employed folks need to answer them calls. That would be real tough to get around, "At the sound of the tone, please leave your business related message only". "Hello, Frank's Plumbing, Frank speaking, how may I help you?, and if you're a bleeping telemarketer go bleep yourself". Nah, wouldn't work. You guys got more patience than doctors got patients


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      Re: My New Hobby - Screwing With Telemarketer

      Panasonic cordless phones have a one touch button that blocks the calls, and then there's a new caller ID box that blocks any repeating number.

      I'll post the link to the call blocker when I've got one and know it works well.

      I have my cell phone set up to block as many as 30 numbers. I forward all calls to a cell phone (*72) and instantly it's blocked.
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