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    Like many consumers, I've been under a barrage of different advertising ploys from AT&T and Cablevision over the last several years. They both want me to give them all my Internet, cell phone, land line and tv business, or some combination of their choosing. I turn away the door to door salespeople, toss the junk mail, and delete the many phone call requests. I have to admit their tactics are changing, and now AT&T is conducting what I feel is blatant fraud.

    Last week I received a letter from AT&T, attention to my name saying that "Your Internet service will change to AT&Tuverse with the next 45 days, you will need new upgraded equipment, free of charge, so call to make an appointment". Well, it sure read as though I would lose my Internet service if I did not upgrade my equipment. There was a slight increase in service cost starting next year but cablevision was not cheaper.The installer arrived at my door yesterday and I asked what the change would entail? He said instead of a router, I would have a modem. Fine so far.
    He then said he would be disconnecting this telephone #...What? That's right, I did not agree to have my landline as part of the "uverse" agreement, so no more landline! I politely asked him to leave and spent the next hour talking to AT&T reps, two of whom claimed to be based in the USA,NOT, and a third one who was God Bless, American.

    I asked if AT&T was discontinuing dsl service in my area, as the letter suggested, and was told NO!
    I then faxed my letter to them and said I felt it what had happened was fradulent behavior. I have not heard back. In my opinion, we consumers are fighting a losing battle on many fronts. Now when the advertising attempts don't work, they simply resort to lying. I may switch to cablevision just on principle! Frank