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thank god for healthcare

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  • thank god for healthcare

    As of right now im sitting on a cot at a childrens hospital in vancouver a 9 hr drive from my house my son had a hard time breathing thursday morning took him to doctor in my dmall town. he prescribed some puffers 8 hrs later were back at the hospital his blood oxegen rate was in the seventies. ambilance gets called 3 hr drive with paramedics and a doctor. next hospital oxegen sterouds and more drugs tjen i can think of they say pnemounia xrays ect a few hours later im in a small plane with my eightneen month old son strapped to a stretcher flying to vancouver a few days later hes out of icu and off the breathing machine and doing well. the scarest time i ever had thank god i wanted to hug every doctor that helped him . im so grateful hes gona be ok.

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    Re: thank god for healthcare

    I hope he never has another serious event like that again. Someday you'll be telling that story to your grandchildren!


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      Re: thank god for healthcare

      Glad to hear he is on the mend, and that it was caught in time, and help was with in reach,
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        Re: thank god for healthcare

        There is nothing worse to see than a child hurting. Thank God for good parents and their doctors.
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          Re: thank god for healthcare


          In reading your post I could feel the pain and anxiety of you and your wife. I know the feeling, and my deepest regards for what you all just went through. I am so happy that everything has worked out for that "little guy" of yours. Thankfully he has parents and a medical system that were so attentive!

          May God's blessings always be with you and your family,



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            Re: thank god for healthcare

            Hang in there Seanny!!!


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              Re: thank god for healthcare

              Seanny , I am so happy it all went well. Brings back Memories for Me. It was around
              1973 My Son Brian was 2 Years Old. We lived in the Country. Middle of the Night He could hardly breath. It was winter,and in the end of a huge blizzard. Mom Had to stay with the 3 girls. I had Brian bundled up and got into My snow plow. Plowed about 2 ft.
              of snow on the way to the Hi Way. At the Hospital i was met by, about a ,75 Year old Dr. He told the nurse "get whiskey and Karo Syrup" He mixed it about 1/2+1/2 in a large soup spoon. As soon as He gave it to My Son He was breathing fine. He explained the whiskey opens up the throat, The Karo syrup,or Honey allows it to go down easier. Suggest You keep this in the home, I did.
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                Re: thank god for healthcare

                as a parent for the last 20 months, i know the feeling you must have been going through. prior to 20 months, it's different with adults.

                glad to hear all is ok and you shared this experience with your forum friends/ family.

                phoebe is looking for her piper. hope to meet you and your son at a future get together.

                phoebe it is


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                  Re: thank god for healthcare

                  Thanks all im still in shock i really thought my son was gona leave me i lost my little brother two years ago and that pain hit me harder friday morning waiting for air support so we could fly my son i was so worried. they rushed him to er and put him on steroids and bi pap a machine which basically controls the bodys breathing luckily it helped 24 hrs later he was contious and asking for fluids and foods. another night in intensive care and his mom finally showed up. the plane would only allow one parent since their was lots of needles and having to hold him while he screamed and they took blood so my partner asked me to go with him. im so fortunate that hes okay he has astma and a collapsed upper lobe kinda of like
                  pnomonia but not as serious. anyways a couple more days and two weeks of steroids and a few months of puffers and he should be ok. anyways thanks all thank god for good doctors and good people anyways thanks again guys.