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Awesome custom pool excavating!

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  • Awesome custom pool excavating!

    I am always amazed what Heavy Equipment Operators can do, I actually think I want to change my career and become one.

    Anyone else on this forum use backhoes , etc?

    Check out this cool video

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    Re: Awesome custom pool excavating!

    I have a backhoe and mini excavator that I run on a daily basis. I don't claim to be the best by any stretch of the imagination but I am very comfortable and confident at the controls so of course there are always people who are "amazed" by my skill which again is not due to my abilities but rather their own lack of experience and exposure to heavy equipment and operators.

    Customers and bystanders that stand and observe while I am operating a machine can be classified into two groups: Those that are amazed by what I am doing, and those that feel it is their responsibility to tell me about the "really good" operator they once saw. These latter types are irritating in the fact that if I was able to brush their teeth with a mini excavator and as an added perk do a quick floss, they would feel the necessity to inform me that the "really good" operator they watched did root canals with a 20 metric ton excavator . It makes no difference how good or bad you are, you get these people all the time. I've been hearing both types since I learned to operate a hoe at 14 years old.


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      Re: Awesome custom pool excavating!

      I once saw this guy running an excavator that could............................................. .......................


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        Re: Awesome custom pool excavating!

        what fascinates me the most are the ones that have a demo head/ cutting/ crushing head and reach 6 stories up to tear down a hospital piece by piece. concrete and steel are not an issue for these monster machines. 2 months ago i stopped by my dentist and spent the next 30 minutes watching the old hospital wing being torn down. even the operators cab elevates up about 6' to give him a non obstructed view. the demo excavator? reaches horizontal a good 30-40' so that the falling debris are still clear of the machine. it also uses a fire hose nozzle to keep the cutting head cool and dust down. i'll see if i can find some of the photos i took.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Awesome custom pool excavating!

          Never, never, EVER, operate a backhoe from anyplace other than the seat. Trust me. Please don't ask me how I learned this lesson.