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Ridgid Dashboard / Customer Service ?

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  • Ridgid Dashboard / Customer Service ?

    Has anyone ever gotten to speak to a person when they tried getting help for online stuff. I've sent email after email to try to get someone to help me be able to log in and even went here

    Contact Us - RIDGID Professional Tools

    after I got a "no reply" email from Ridgid and have not been able to login. I even got the same answer (canned) form someone who copied and pasted it from my last email ?

    Anyine know what to do to actually get help to log into you account under so that I can see whatever answer awaits me on my "Dashboard " ?



    BTW - (1-800-474-3443) external company NOT RIDGID but they do Ridgid support and this 1-866-539-1710 is a Service Line that they ALSO have no idea about internet stuff ?

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    Re: Ridgid Dashboard / Customer Service ?

    I have no idea (and have never tried) on how to get online help with the being able to log into my "dashboard" (stupid name). However, I have had great success with Ridgid Customer Service (I believe that is the correct 800-number that you posted) and more imporatantly, they were able to directly activate and edit all of my registration data.

    As a matter of fact, I have NEVER had a problem with not being able to get someone to help me. They are BTW, "TTI Group - North America"... the manufacturer of the "Ridgid-branded" and Ryobi power tools. (They have a licensing agreement with Emerson Electric to use the "Ridgid" brand name, here in North America.

    A few years ago, the "dashboard" had some problems and I called to get things straighten out with my account and they were absolutely perfect in their assistance. The lady even mailed me a list of all of my tools and components so that I could double-check my files and then get back to her with any corrections. Like I said, I've never had a situation where somebody in Ridgid Customer Service wasn't helpful.