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Discovery Channel CA: I Could Do That

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  • Discovery Channel CA: I Could Do That

    Anyone seen this show? We do not get it in our cable lineup and for some reason I can't watch it online I'm guessing because I am not in Canada. There is a trailer on YT but nothing else I can find. But it looks interesting.

    I Could Do That

    There may be a thread on this already but I couldn't find it using the POS search engine currently in use on the forum.
    I won't even ask for it to be fixed because no one listens. I and others have been asking for a couple YEARS now to fix
    the search function but alas ther eis no one who cares or knows how apparently.
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    Re: Discovery Channel CA: I Could Do That

    Bob, I was unable to open the videos, only the descriptions. Sounds like an interesting program. Many jobs seem easy until you try them. When I operated a rodding truck there was one handle that sent the rod back froward and back, and also put a spin on it if needed. I'm sure it looked simple enough, but there was a lot of technique involved. I laugh when my wife watches me work around the house or on the cars. She once said I could hang sheetrock looks real easy Of course there are women who are fine rockers, but it takes practice! People who don't do physical labor and get drawn into these reality shows have no idea what's involved. I'm sure there are plenty of clueless homeowners watching skilled tradesmen and thinking to themselves "sure looks easy". Well, when you've been doing it for years, you sort of make it look easy. I say hand them the torch and sit back with some marshmallows.

    Come to think of it, I've watched enough episodes of Swamp People, that I should have no problem catching gators