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Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

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    Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

    "What are your thoughts?"
    1. This guy was a coward possessed of the devil whose mind had become degenerate enough that he would kill at all costs, regardless of available methods.
    2. This guy was a coward because he went into a venue with a gun ban heavily armed, then for good measure wore body armor to protect himself in case there were any other gun ban violators in the building.
    3. Had he not had ready access to firearms he would have used something much more destructive, with possible a higher kill rate. This is proven by his very calculated rigging of a "death chamber" in his apartment, using explosives and flammable liquids. In countries where guns are banned we see suicide bombers taking many more victims than this coward was able to bring down.
    4. I am glad he and all other criminals have easy access to simple firearms. Since they do we don't see a big problem with high powered black market weapons. I look in awe with a sense of fear at photos from other countries where the weapons are all obtained on the black market and I see fully automatic belt-fed weapons, mortars, every imaginable type of firepower known to man. This results in massive underground organizations arming the whack-jobs with very formidable weaponry, and cultivates organized crime because the underground is so well organized. I would rather see a few isolated incidents of criminals acting alone, although almost unimaginable, than to see the drug cartels, al Qeada, the Mafia, and other organized crime running around with pickup loads of guerillas bristling with belt-fed machine guns. There are gun restrictions in place, and they do help a lot, but having simpler weapons readily available helps too.
    5. As far as I am concerned, the crime was already committed when he received his first shipment of explosives, because at that point he was actively working toward the grisly event. It was a thought process that got him to that point.
    6. Rather than focusing on guns or no guns, I wish America would concentrate on rooting out the thought processes that allow a person to become that depraved. Mental health is improved when we realize that there really is no "entitlement", that we all must justify our existence by contributing something of value to the human race in the form of full-time employment. If society would kick the "entitlement", welfare-supported, obese couch potatoes, the gangsta crowd that does nothing but shoot hoops in the 'hood and spray graffiti on warehouses, etc. in the arse and make them live on what they earn, they would have a focus in life and would not be like ships with no rudder on an open sea. Every problem has a root cause that is usually less obvious. Every murderer makes the choice. If America could figure out how to once again teach everybody good work ethic and good values and stop dwelling on their own little circles, our battle against crime would be mostly won. As long as we allow Warner Brothers to glamorize crime, as long as we allow the media to glamorize the criminals, as long as we support free-loaders via welfare, as long as we allow healthy Americans to produce absolutely nothing of benefit to society, as long as people are allowed to spend days and months and years and lifetimes in government assisted housing with not purpose on life other than to eat, party, watch violence and porn, do drugs, crash, and do it all over again the next day, we are what we are. Let's glamorize plumbers, and farmers, and electricians, and mattress makers, and miners, and janitors, at every level, from federal finance to media to movie production. Teach these low-lifes that there is fulfillment in cultivating a good work ethic and supporting ourselves and those we are responsible for. Show them the happiness that comes from doing right, taking care of our possessions, working toward a goal. We might make some headways.
    Don't hold your breath waiting for it though. Instead we see people on "the system", raising kids on "the system", who live with violence on the streets, see it on TV, live with it every day, form the opinion that violence and crime is "normal", at an early age lose (or never gain) the vision of the value and sacredness of human life. They see drugs in everyday use. They see alcohol and the problems it causes every day. And they sit. And sit. And sit. And watch TV. And sit. And watch a violent movie. And sit. And think. And sulk. And become bitter. And resentful. And they begin to think violent thoughts. And they watch TV and see how much attention today's criminal is getting. (!!!He's on TV!!!) And they begin to hate life and mankind in their unnoticed little alley of the cities of America. And they want to be the next "star" in their warped vision of society.
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      Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

      100% on the mark.....but.....unfortunately, I'm afraid that, we as a society, have given up on the "way of life" we knew from the past. Almost everyone will not chance investing their precious time to someone else, plus maybe getting sued....shot....or killed. Because of this, the creeps of the world are having a feeding frenzy.

      What's my one piece of the solution (this could cause a lot of debate over). This goes back in time and something I experienced, as well as mostly every male, which I see is badly needed today. I'm talking the Draft. In my day, if you f***ed at all and if serious enough, you were given a choice, Jail or the Military. Plus there was also the Draft we were dealing with.

      Now think about this for a bit. Everyone grew up in a pretty much stable two parent home, was your job growing up to finish High School, never heard or knew of a "GED". We respected all authorities (of course within reason) because one of probably two things would happen. You'd get your *** kicked by the old man or you would advance further up in the authority chain til it ended in front of the Judge. Jail or Volunteer!!!!!
      Also, back then, being that the military was volunteer, they did not pay like they do now. Think of your tax dollars here. Competitive wages with the civilian markets, PLUS free housing, medical, lower rates and discounts for many things. Now don't get me wrong here, I do not have anything but full support of all the brave soles that are serving, just the machine they are on. Reduce our crime rate and lower the Tax payers burden on Military Spending.

      Re-install the Draft

      But like I said, I,m afraid we will never see it because even if two thousand people agree on something, it only takes 10 people to raise hell and have it changed. This Country needs a huge injection of Testosterone (at least a triple dose) and start weeding out all of this PC crap and get back to common sense.

      I'll step down 2ยข..........NEXT !!



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        Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

        Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
        Now pelosi and the rest of gun grabbers will be out to add $1.70 tax per round victims fund !
        Worse would be you can't buy through the mail any longer.
        I get good deals on shells for when we go shooting clays,
        better than I can get around here. I'll buy a thousand rounds
        or more at a clip.

        as there is no sport in hunting that way
        There are llegitimate sports other than hunting that use firearms, and they are not all centered around single shot capability.

        I'd like to know what game software they found on his computer. You can't tell me that junk doesn't influence some of these idiots.
        Where was security at this theater? How was it he was able to open an emergency exit, go out to his vehicle and retrieve his guns and armor, don a mask, and then return through the door he propped open so he could use it as his return path, then re-enter and start shooting minutes later? Why was this door not alarmed and why did someone from the theater respond when it alarmed???

        Sorry but I gotta lay some blame on the operator of the theater for lax security.
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          Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

          Bob, isn't it ironic the main stream media won't focus on the games this idiot was playing?


          Strict gun laws curb absolutely nothing, and you can look right at Norway in 2011 and the massacre they had...69 dead 110 injured.

          It's a shame we live in a society in where we have to carry firearms for our own protection, but for me personally, I will continue to do so as there is only 1 man (God) who decides when I leave this earth....not some whacked out weirdo.


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            Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

            When people quote "numbers" on how gun related deaths have decreased in other countries as guns have become more controlled, I wish they would include the relative number of suicide bomb and IED deaths before and after the gun restrictions. A suicide bomber or someone who plants an explosive device in a subway or at an airport seems to be ok because he didn't use a gun.


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              Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

              Sewerrat, your right one, the deaths caused by bludgeoned force, and stabbings went up, a lot actually. If I was to die at the hands of some phyco, I'll take a bullet any day versus having my throat slashed...


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                Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

                This moring Sweden was mentioned. They have compulsory National Service, they apparently have a volunteer army and every household has at least one gun. They apparently have a population of approx. 8million people. They had, if i recall correctly, 320 gun related incidents/deaths/murders(not completely sure here, going on early morning memory).
                Some of the previous posts are correct, stop the social security system and get back to basics. Spend money WISELY on Mental Health. Stop the filthy media glamorising. Stop the do-gooders who have to find broken-home link as the root cause behind someone snapping. Stop excusing these cowards. As said previously, he was guilty the moment he ordered the explosives he placed in his appartment. forget the Jury, go straight to jail and ban the media for life. Let the Community mourn peacefully and without the sensationalism. Start the education in schools. Stop the politicians wasting money on their egos and direct the funds to health. Educate society as do the Japanese to get off their fat asses and earn their keep, we dont owe you anything.

                We will never prevent cowards and idiots like this from carry out htese shocking crimes but if media is taken out of the equasion so too will the copy-cats and other.

                Our hearts and prayers to al those who were unfortunbately involved


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                  Re: Colorado Massacre, Your Thoughts

                  "Stop the social security system", you lost me on that one mate! Well, I'm fine if you stop it for everyone under the age of 58 because I just turned 59. I'm counting on that income so I can buy some guns

                  I do agree with most of your post, we either work to have a better society or allow it to decay. I don't want this coward's name mentioned, don't care what his motive was, and don't want to see him or his mother on tv. A lengthy trial and imprisonment will not bring justice to the victims or dissuade copycats.