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Who Has The Stronger Grip?

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    Re: Who Has The Stronger Grip?

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    i seem to remember at the first roundup when we went to the amusement park and played the ring the bell with the sledge hammer.

    all i can say is josh's kids can thank uncle rick for their stuffed animals

    they did say thanks to ben for trying so hard

    still think it was bs. I saw the guy standing on the brake when I swung. You must've paid him off.
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      Re: Who Has The Stronger Grip?

      ben, it's not how hard you hit the target. it's how squarely you hit the target.

      now the real secret. steve use to have the old school version at his shop. no electronics. all strength and it had to be hit square and level.

      you got me on the arm wrestling

      but i got you on the sledge hammer

      ready for round 2

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Who Has The Stronger Grip?

        I have seen a lot of "feats of strength" and participated, some people are amazingly gifted. I know a man that traveled just to walk around a goat pen with the real *sp* Housafelt stone. He isn't a tradesman so doesn't really apply here.
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          Re: Who Has The Stronger Grip?

          I have a few friends who are sheetrockers and they have an awesome grip. I'd put them right up at or near the top of the list.

          But between the two I think the Plumber. Maybe not as much of a difference today as 20+ years ago. Caulking lead joints, pulling on a pair of 24s all day, hacksaw (then) vice using a portaband (today), digging. Those are just some of the things I can think of right off. How many of you have cut soil pipe with a hammer and chisel?

          I don't know it the pex crowd stand up to those old timers, but same would go for electricians of the same era, their work is not as easy as one might think, at least in the industrial and commercial arena. You running rigid conduit most times, and pulling long lengths of wire and cable from A to B. I remember my electrician friends on the various jobs. They didn't look any less tired than we (fitters and welders) did at the end of a day.

          nothing worse then that dreaded dead fish handshake.
          Agree. I have a friend whose handshake is like that. Cold and limp like a dead fish. I have even commented on it to him but he still gives his hand in the same manner, no life in it at all. Its weird, other than that he is a likable guy.
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            Re: Who Has The Stronger Grip?

            Definitely Plumbers over Electricians. There is no comparison with this one. Now you will have to bring the Round-up down-unde to see whether Aussie Plumbers are as strong as you guys............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaaahhaaahahahahaha


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              Re: Who Has The Stronger Grip?

              Fun Thread. But don't forget, They have Woman in Russia that Can put us all down on ANY strength test !
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                Re: Who Has The Stronger Grip?

                I dunno about grip... but after skimming and sanding my ceiling to get rid of the popcorn I hated I know I'm not picking any fights with any drywallers.
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