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Shooting Themselves in the Foot!!!

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  • Shooting Themselves in the Foot!!!

    I just got an email from my daughter who goes to law school in D.C.. It was one of those forwarded "sandra fluke", pro obama, anti romney things. Unfortunately, things like , "legitimate rape" and the "Human Life Ammendment" will cause a lot of independent voters to go with obama.
    Now is a heck of a time to push such a thing even if they believe it with all their heart. Do the republicans want Mitt Romney to become the next President? If so they should argue the economy and stop shooting themselves in the foot by pushing to make abortion illegal. Now is not the time for that discussion, or legisaltion. I can't believe they are seriously hurting any chance of winning by pushing this agenda! Frank

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    Re: Shooting Themselves in the Foot!!!

    You are assuming that the RNC wants Romney in the White House. Now ask yourself why they wouldn't and you will then begin to see the strategy behind the past two presidential elections.