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A very important warning

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  • A very important warning

    I will tread carefully with this and I hope it is taken in the context intended. Tonight our News services have reported the death of a Father in the early hours of Fathers Day here.
    A baker has taken a portable generator inside his business to replace mains power as there was a scheduled shut-down for maintenance. The deceased was 42yrs old and his 22yrs old brother-in-law is in hospital.

    CO(Carbon Monoxide) POISONING.

    This is a silent killer and is dangerous, DEADLY. Most of us here have the background knowlege and understanding. We cant smell it or see it. Please all be a little more observant and spread the word to educate those who dont understand.

    (For reasons of Political Correctness and not to be percieved as anything other than concerned the Men in this unfortunate tragedy are not from Australia and their understanding somewhat limited)

    My condolences to the families involved

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    Re: A very important warning

    sadly this is all too common and seems to peak during winter when the weather gets cold and people that can't afford a safe heat source get creative with an alternate heat source like an indoor bbq.

    california started to mandate co detectors in every place of occupancy 2 years ago. just like we've had for smoke detectors the last 30 years.

    does australia have similar laws?

    California Law on Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements

    Christine Bryant

    The state of California requires carbon monoxide detectors in all homes.
    In May 2010, the state of California enacted a law requiring home owners to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. According to the California Air Resources Board, 30 to 40 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. The senate bill, also known as the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act, states that those deaths were avoidable. According to the bill, the California law will help prevent further deaths and increase awareness.

    Read more: California Law on Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements | California Law on Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements |
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