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    I watched the film, "The Campaign" with Will Ferrell over the weekend. As expected it was a farce/comedy with plenty of cursing and laughs. The disturbing thing is that it poked fun at politics and how politicians will say things to stir a crowd and get votes. We see crowds at both national conventions cheering for the candidates. We hear about the past and what will be done to make things better in the future, but we know the routine. All the cheering and crying and grand speeches and promises eventually come down to action and results. Go see 2016 and go see The Campaign, laugh, cry, and don't be too surprised regardless of who wins the election. Frank

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    I don't care for Will Farrell, but of course that has nothing to do with "political" movies and the comedic routine or drama they convey to the audience. They are for the most part almost as entertaining as the grand illusion that each party tries to convey.

    Sad thing is you don't have to look at today's movie, you can go back a few years and watch "Dave" or "Swing Vote" or even step back a bit further for something like "The Manchurian Candidate" or even further with "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" in which you can see that nothing really changes even over my lifetime.

    I know I rail against the Republicans, but I also have done so against the Democrats in the past... as it was once said, "power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely". Movies are a good way to keep us laughing, even when the situation isn't laughable at all.

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