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Ridgid Hand Spinner Knob Recycling

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  • Ridgid Hand Spinner Knob Recycling

    We have a stainless pot we make iced tea in. Well one day one of the handles cracked and fell off.. I was thinking All crap what am I going to do now?? It's 35 years old and good stainless.. Hmmmm I looked in my stash of goodies and yippee I found a knob from an old Ridgid spinner I junked out 10 years ago.. Now the tea pot looks like it's winking at you...
    Anyway I think that was the knob that came off the spinner...

    No Rick the 50/50 rule does not apply here....
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    Re: Ridgid Hand Spinner Knob Recycling

    50/50 rule only applies to paying customers.

    i spent 2 hours trying to fix my nieces special toy flashlight a few years ago. i'm sure for the time i spent, i could have bought her a flashlight of her choice, but she wanted hers fixed.

    next time you go to the store, look at the prices of a computer printer. heck, there's times it's cheaper to buy a new entry level printer than to replace the ink cartridge or toner. same applies to trying to fix a vcr/ dvd player now.

    for your own stuff, i too would spend the time to fix it. but for paying customers, spending more than 50% of new for a worn out snake doesn't make sense. especially the one you posted that has been used hard. real hard. even the motor/ drum support channel was bent.

    phoebe it is