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The seattle hell run 5k mudd + obstacles

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  • The seattle hell run 5k mudd + obstacles

    Well I had 5 wonderful days in Wash. State with Daughter #3 and family. Sat was the Mud run . Many challenges .
    I made it over 3 walls ,one about 16 ft. high with 11/2" rope, Mud pits galore, through the river, Tunnels. I haven't had this much fun since I was a Kid! Felt pretty smug making the rope climb when some teens couldn't. Swam in a beautiful lake with My daughter,and watched Her do a 1 mile swim. She does triathlons ! Watched a high school
    football game, My 6'3" Grandson is the Captain. Can't wait for next years run!
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .