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  • phoebe can do it, we can help

    how often does someone come onto the forum to give praise to home depot not too often i think.

    so today being sunday, joey went off to go shopping for groceries and for phoebe. i went with phoebe to my local home depot / marina del rey. 1 of the highest grossing stores in the system. partially through the store phoebe motions and tells me she has to go "potty" being just a few weeks past her second birthday, i took her to the mens room and attempted to get her to use the "potty" of course at home it hasn't been an issue for the last 6 months. but today, i was not having any luck. after 5 shopping cart walks over to the restroom, phoebe was upset and showed it.

    out of nowhere a customer service rep/ miranda showed up. and offered phoebe a pink helium balloon. which stopped phoebe from crying. so miranda asked if there was anything else we needed.

    i said sure, can you take phoebe to the restroom since she's not going with me

    phoebe and miranda walked together to the girls room while i waited outside and a few minutes later, they were all smiles

    it was a first for miranda and a first for me having to ask for help in a home depot

    a big thanks to miranda store 6611 for assisting daddy and phoebe and allowing us to continue shopping for another 1/2 hour without having to worry about a cleanup in isle 2

    phoebe it is

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    Re: phoebe can do it, we can help

    I bet if I would have asked Miranda to help me go, I'd get arrested!

    Cactus Man


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      Re: phoebe can do it, we can help

      Rick, that was a nice story and a kind helpful lady. I think my wife still would have yelled at me for not going in there with them
      I went to Home Depot today to rent a carpet cleaning machine. Yesterday my wife found a "Free" rug, and after busting my gut and back getting it home and five hours washing and wet vacing it in the driveway, two neighbors helped me get it in the living room. It is a 10x18 wool rug, and it was a dead weight!!! I used my wet vac a couple times but decided to rent a better machine today.So today I get the carpet machine home(we only live five or six minutes from HD). I fill it with solution to give it another was and wet vac, only the beater brush won't work. Made sure it was free of debris and pushed the reset several times. Back to HD and demanded a full refund which I got. Manager told me they are not allowed to run the machines in the store so they can't check them before renting. I did not argue, but this is not a gasoline powered machine! They could easily plug it in and check if it's working.
      Oh well, you had a good experience, and I got my money back, could have been worse. Frank


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        Re: phoebe can do it, we can help

        Rick i believe that because you help so many people that this is a little pay back to you .
        If one helps other people you will be helped in time of need

        My seek the peek fundraiser page

        new work pictures 12/09