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Your Tax Dollars at Work.

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  • Your Tax Dollars at Work.

    We have local project that the local government is insistent on doing. Wanna' know what it is?

    Putting in a bathroom at a canoe ramp. Now keep in mind, this is not a heavily trafficked ramp & there haven't been multiple requests that I'm aware. Just kind of a small graveled parking lot where you can put in a canoe or kayak into the local river.

    Small river. Many would characterize it a creek at long stretches, then river at others. No whitewater.

    So why am I posting this? It's located near a sewer pump lift station so it would have to be connected roughly 22' in the ground on the back side of the lift to a live sewer main. The drain has to cross a main power line and a Cardinal gas line that runs through the United States.

    All these "geniuses" involved have hired an engineering firm and getting bids for this debacle. I'm guessing it's going to get close to $100,000.00 for a toilet & sink before it's all said and done.

    We've come up with every alternative scenario you can think of from tank to macerating toilet. But you watch what will happen. It will go right on through and be done the way they want it and no-one will know except those of us in the field.

    And the real kicker is that no bathroom is needed in the first place. Sure is easy to come up with ways to spend other people's money...ain't it?

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    Re: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

    Sounds like some new health and sanitation reg was passed, and/or an existing one that that has some vague wording that is open to interpretation the AHJ came accross, so someone is pushing this project just to shut someone up. They also can indicate that someone up high is trying to apply for certain funding, but has to follow various criteria and prerequisites. Trust me, government workings contains endless "Are you KIDDING me?" moments, which I'd like to believe the city counsulman probably uttered the same before begrudgingly approving the project.


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      Re: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

      A friend has recently been hired as the manager in charge of all maintenance. Smart guy with hands on experience and book sense. At the meetings he has stated that all people there are literally lost about the reality of the project.


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        Re: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

        Well, with all the crap that broken around town, I highly doubt a toilet in the middle of nowhere will get much attention.


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          Re: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

          Yep, he's got his hands full. Just irritates him and others to see the big picture mess that often happens.