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con edison explosion?

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  • con edison explosion?

    Found it on

    Con Edison Plant Explosion Flashes Across New York [VIDEO]
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    Re: con edison explosion?

    Sounds like a sub-station xmfr blew. Happens all the time in storms and is one reason it can take so long to get the power back on. What many utilities do now is take them offline before the storm hits. This puts people in the dark yes but it makes restoration of power much, much faster after the storm. Some of those large transformers cost a half mil or more and the lead time for a replacement is measured in months. Ifyou are the utility ypu want to protect that asset as best you can. Ifthat means some people go dark that might not have lost power during a storm, that's what it is, but overall everyone is better off if they shut down the grid before it shorts out and damages infastructure that can't be easily replaced or repaired.
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