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  • stihl ms 261 professional

    Broke down today and bought a new saw, I am far from a professional, but just couldn't resist this saw a bit of an impulse buy. I had an old 023 stihl that's far to small and cut far more wood then my dad ever anticipated when he purchased it years ago. Anyways bought the new saw unexpectedly went into shop just to look and before I knew it I was loading it in my truck , off to wake up my tenant and start some slash piles up. Used the saw for about 4 hrs before running the half a liter tank put, couldn't believe the power and weight of this saw could have gotten higher cc for less money but opted for the German made 261 I bought my dad a 271 two years ago and its a nice saw but this blows it out of the water. Checked out some reviews tonight when I got home and wasn't suprised to gear I'm not the only person that loves this saw.