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  • LSA update

    Just to finalize other posts regarding the time it takes for the LSA program to
    be reflected on your dashboard.....

    I purchased some Ridgid tools in August.
    I sent in the "proper" documentation registered signature receipt required in August.
    I also registered the tools on my dashboard in August.

    In October I sent a "polite" E-mail asking about my LSA registration status.
    Ridgid replied quickly and indicated they are back logged and will get to it.

    Today, November 14th I received a verification E-mail that my dashboard has been updated.
    I went to it to verify and also printed out my tool list and the verification E-mail.

    Thank you Ridgid customer service.

    From my past experience registering tools; 3-4 months is typical for the process from start to finish.

    Cactus Man