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Politics: Elections Effects?

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    Re: Politics: Elections Effects?


    I'm very sorry to hear that your wife is having problems so early in pregnancy and I know it surely is stressing you both with much concern. I'll add my prayers with the other members that everything will be okay and that you will both be looking forward with much happiness.

    May God be with you all,

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      Re: Politics: Elections Effects?

      I am reassured that there are other that think similar to me. I was starting to think we are doomed by mindless liberal ideology. A big part we are seeing everything go up in prices is the devaluation of our dollar. It is not a surprise with the fed printing monopoly money like mad (quantitative easing) The fed reserve is out of control..... I take that back, they are in control... of everything.

      The one world currency is coming but I think we as a country will be OK. We are still great innovators and we have lots of agriculture. People have to eat.

      Live your life, have kids and be happy.