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What to do with old trash compacter?

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  • What to do with old trash compacter?

    Have a 87 vintage Whirlpool trash compacter that still works fine.
    It doesn't look much different from current compacters that I see
    for sale for ~$700.00 today.

    I'm putting in a wine/beverage cooler in its place as we could use the
    refrigerated space and we don't use the trash compacter any more.

    Any ideas on what it might be re-purposed for/converted into?

    I may just give it to someone in the family if they want it but
    I doubt any of them will. Still, it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Anyway, I was thinking garage/shop beer can crusher or some other
    use. I have no idea how much power this thing has but I doubt
    its enough to do anything meaningful. But the control circuitry might
    be useful if it could be adapted to control an arbor press. Might be
    easier to build the control from scratch though. Just need a couple
    limit and pressure switches and a solenoid valve or two.
    "When we build let us think we build forever. Let it not be for present delight nor for present use alone. Let it be such work that our descendants will thank us for, and let us think, as we lay stone upon stone, that a time is to come when these stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them, and that men will say, as they look upon the labor and wrought substance of them, "See! This our fathers did for us."
    John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)

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    Re: What to do with old trash compacter?

    " What to do with old trash compacter?"

    Compact old trash! Sorry, Bob. I couldn't resist.


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      Re: What to do with old trash compacter?

      The only thing I could think of off the top of my head you already thought of.
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      ~~Don't worry about old age; it doesn't last that long.


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        Re: What to do with old trash compacter?

        crush the grapes for the wine in your new cooler!!


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          Re: What to do with old trash compacter?

          compress old sawdust and glue into renewable resource fireplace "logs"

          ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder