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    After a long, dreary winter, one Sunday morning dawned clear and mild, and a small-town preacher decided to take a drastic step. Pretending to be ill, he called his assistant and asked him to fill in for him at church. Then he packed up his golf clubs and headed for an out-of-town course where he wasn’t known.

    What he didn’t know was that God and Saint Peter were watching his every move from up in Heaven. Saint Peter said, “Look at that! He’s shirking his duty! He must be punished!” And God said, “Oh he will, alright. I’m going to “intervene” a bit in his game.” The preacher teed off, and his drive went straight and true down the fairway, farther than ever before. With a little “help” from above, he played better, hole after hole, than any pro in history, scoring eagles or birdies on every hole.

    Saint Peter said, “You call this punishment? He’s having the time of his life!” And God said, “Oh, it will come.”

    On the eighteenth hole, again with help from above, the preacher scored a hole-in-one to finish his round. And God turned to Saint Peter and said, “Now it begins. He has just played a better round than anyone in history. AND HE CAN’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT!”

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