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Jobmax 18v bare tool

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  • Jobmax 18v bare tool


    I was looking at ordering the following JobMax kit.
    JobMax 18V Bare Tool - RIDGID Professional Tools

    They have it with a free power head attachment for $99. The sales associates I have talked to do not know which battery this uses.

    I have the following impact driver as well as drill:

    X4 18V Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit - RIDGID Professional Tools

    I was wanting to know if the batteries out of my 18v drill/impact driver kit is the same one that the 18v jobmax unit takes. If not, I dont want to buy the kit and additional batteries.


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    Re: Jobmax 18v bare tool

    All Ridgid 18v tools will run on any of the Ridgid 18v batteries.

    for best run time I suggest you use their new X-4 18v 3ah 18v battery

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Jobmax 18v bare tool

      Hello and welcome to the forum.

      I have the x4 kit and the 18v jobmax as well. The battery fits both tools.

      $99 is a good deal especially with a free head attachment. Which free head attachment are you going to pick?