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  • JobMax accessory head comments

    I picked a a corded jobmax and wish to have some feedback from the forum members about the accessory heads. Not sure which one I want as the free one. Which head do you have and how well does it work... positive and negative comments


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    Re: JobMax accessory head comments

    Impact right angle head. Works outstanding.
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      Re: JobMax accessory head comments

      I own the Reciprocating Saw, Jig Saw, Oscillating and Hammer.

      The attachment I liked the best was the reciprocating attachment. I don't think you can choose that one as your free one though.

      If you get to pick a free one then I would recommend the drill or impact. Probably get the most use and you can pick the others up as needed.


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        Re: JobMax accessory head comments

        For a corded I think I would choose the right angle drill. For a cordless the impactor 3/8" drive ratchet.
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