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  • U.S. Computers!

    Could this be true? If so, I might get on the Apple train when needing to replace.

    Apple returning to old stomping grounds for U.S.-made iMacs? | Apple - CNET News

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    Re: U.S. Computers!

    It's true! Apple recently said they're working toward a lot more production here in the U.S. of A. Saw the interview on Rock Center with Brian Williams.


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      Re: U.S. Computers!

      Yeah i heard from my friend.
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        Re: U.S. Computers!

        Originally posted by BobsPlumbing View Post
        I might get on the Apple train when needing to replace.
        Just remember that you can buy 2 (or more) comparable or even better machines for the price of 1 Apple. I have both standard PC and Apple units. Both do what I would expect. The standard PC is easily upgraded, the Apple is not. Apples tend to have better engineered hinges and latches. Generics run more standardized software in industry settings.

        If it were me, the niche Apple is pretty, but the easily upgraded generic is cheaper, more versatile, and a better value.

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