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Seat belts saves lives i know

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  • Seat belts saves lives i know

    How was your day . My day started good 4 inches of snow ,playing with my ride on snow blower . Then in the truck to go to work . The roads were slushy .And there i was driving 30mph going over a small hill in the road ,and go right into a side way slide heading for the shoulder saying we can stop now . Then i stopped and said &%#$@! as the truck went over on the passenger side .
    As i look down to the junk that got tossed the only thing that was sitting right side up and nothing around it was a pin with the picture of my best friend Brad Bradstreet looking at me , the first thing i said was thanks Brad for looking out for me .
    It was hard getting the seat belt off but i did and got out , SEAT BELTS DO SAVE LIVES ,AND ALSO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING TOSSED AROUND .
    Im ok the truck has a flat ,the cap window broke and my mirror fell off .
    A 4x4 does slide on ice .
    Be safe out there

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    Re: Seat belts saves lives i know

    glad your OK and the truck not that much worst for the experience. I slid through a stop sign, no one was coming so no real problem, that slushed hard pack show is slick,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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