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  • parts discount for forum members?

    Any chance we could get a price break on Ridgid parts for members? I need parts for my 3 Ridgid framing nailers (R350CHD) and the same part on all of them broke. I know they have the cool LSA on their tools, but I honestly just like fixing them myself.

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    Re: parts discount for forum members?

    And to add, I don't fully blame Ridgid for the failure. The rubber recoil absorption plug in the head of the gun has 4 "fingers" that catches the piston on the recoil after firing. The "fingers" are not very thick and they have cracked and some broken completely off. I'm almost certain the failure is directly related to using them in sub zero temperatures, though I dont know for sure if that is the actual cause. It's only a $10 part, but seems a bit high for a chunk of rubber.