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The Iron gets the boot!

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  • The Iron gets the boot!

    Hasbro pulls the plug on the iron game piece. In it's place, they roll out a cat. It says in the paper, that they are selling at Target stores editions with gold versions of game pieces.

    'Monopoly' fans elect a token cat to the board

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    Re: The Iron gets the boot!

    This decision was clearly influenced by the muslim/arab world because of the affintiy with cats and hatred of America. The "iron" represents American determination, so it had to go.


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      Re: The Iron gets the boot!

      Gosh, I heard two different stories about this... first was that the "iron" was dumped because of the women in the liberal party saying that it was sexist and demeaning. The feline replacement was more in keeping with thier image as it was both soft and cuddly, as well as independanty non-committal and had a nasty habit of using it's claws!!

      The other story was that it was really a conservative demand, as they backed corporate America in moving this product to China where it no longer retained the traditional high-quality steel of the Monopoly design, and the Chinese model was cheap, all-plastic... but because of the scale of the piece there was no room to prominently place the Communist Red Star anywhere. John McCain and Lindsey Graham also had raised some objections too, because the base of the old design resembled our newest stealth pilotless bomber and he charged Hasbro with conspiring with the Obama administration and thus charged the administration with negligence in the oversight of national defense measures.

      All I can say is that in the hundreds of times we played Monopoly, the "iron" was rarely used. The women felt it was too telling of their drudgery, and all of us men usually opted for the car or the cannon... I myself preferred that the latter to be referred to as the "artillery piece" which I was most fond of.

      The basic facts of the case however, is that "change" comes hard and, as we all know, is filled with conspiracy theories!

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