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Warranty Service - Are receipts still necessary?

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  • Warranty Service - Are receipts still necessary?

    Once you have registered online for either the LSA or the 3 year warranty, and the tools and it's serial numbers as well as warranty type are all listed clearly. If you print that out and take it to a tool service center to get service, is it still necessary to bring original receipts?

    Or the receipts were only useful to establish the online registration, but once that's approved you should be good to go?

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    Re: Warranty Service - Are receipts still necessary?

    I honestly don't know.... good question for Ridgid Customer Support I guess.

    But you mentioned that "Once you have registered online for either the LSA or 3-year warranty"

    You realize of course that online registration alone, does NOT get you the LSA!!!! You need to send in a copy of your receipt and the UPC from the product carton to get the LSA! You don't do that, and you don't get it. There is NO registration required for the 3-year warranty... but you will definitely need the receipt for that, even if it is registered. The only way you can bypass the "warranty" is to have the LSA, and they give you a customer registration number card (thru the mail) once you have properly registered for the LSA.

    A few years ago, I took a sander in for service and all the Service center did was take the tool SN, and me registration number. No receipt was asked for, and apparently the LSA database had all the necessary information.



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      Re: Warranty Service - Are receipts still necessary?

      I would say that for warranty work done under the protection of the 3 Year Warranty would require you to at least show your receipt or a copy of it to the ASC. For repair or parts replacement done under the LLSA wouldn't require the receipt but a printout of your Dashboard(stupid name) would be a good thing to bring along when you take the tool in.


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        Re: Warranty Service - Are receipts still necessary?

        If you have the LSA then you've already sent in all the proof of purchase, including the date the tool was purchased as well as the upc showing just exactly what you purchased. If you need warranty work, just go to an approved service centre (some home depots will do this) and show them your customer number.

        I can't see using the dashboard information to establish coverage for the 3 year warranty. The reason being, anyone could buy a tool off ebay or kijiji and register it in their dashboard. The info you put in the dashboard is not proven and this is why they tell you you must send in proof in order to receive LSA coverage. Without the receipt, or a copy of the original, how would you prove the purchased date of the tool? Without the receipt you could buy the tool, own it for two years and realize you forgot to register for the LSA, so you go online and register and are given a fresh three year warranty on the tool you have owned for the last two years. (Not saying that is the case here, just using it as an example of why the receipt would be required.)