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    I thought you guys might like this

    Have $140K Lying Around? Buy the 'Rocky II' House!

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    Re: Check this out

    Three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1000 sq ft? Kitchen must be the size of a closet, and the owners must be itty bitty folks.


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      Re: Check this out

      Believe it or not Frank, some of those South Philly row homes are deceptively big.

      My wife's cousin bought & re-done a row home on broad street by the stadiums, and the place is freaking huge!

      But this house pictured here is small.


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        Re: Check this out

        140k might buy you a 2 car garage out here

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Check this out

          $140 K would easily buy you my 1450 sq ft home here in Painted Post, NY! And, I throw in a new kitchen remodel to go with it! Place has got a new roof, 5-year old furnace, new bathroom, yard, overlooks the valley, big 18 x 25 ft deck, and centrally located to everything in the area!

          It's got three bedrooms, a formal dining room, living room, kitchen, 1-1/2 baths, family room and a full (unfinished) concrete basement.

          Only problem is that other than a few bars, one Walmart, one Home Depot, nice schools and the Corning Museum... there isn't much else!

          (Oh, we do have a McDonald's and a Burger King!)

          If you want "celebrity", Tommy Watson started out at the local hardware store and both him and Glen Curtiss used to live up the road apiece.

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